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How to Prepare Your Workplace Culture for 2022


With more and more employees working remotely or a hybrid work schedule, leaders must embrace the shift in office culture in the coming year. In this article, Jacqueline Lombardo of Boomer Consulting explains how you can keep your firm's culture intact regardless of where and when your employees work.

Jan 4th 2022
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If we have learned anything over the past two years, it’s that the workplace is changing and will continue to evolve rapidly. As we focus on the year ahead and what many call our “new normal,” leaders must continue to build a positive workplace culture. Here are five tips to help you prepare your workplace culture for 2022. 


Flexibility is no longer just about where an employee works but also when they work. The reality is that organizations need to offer their employees the flexibility to work when and where they want. Flexibility can look different for everyone. For example: 

  • One employee may want to work 100 percent of the time in the office but needs a later start time to drop their child off at school
  • Another employee may want to work a hybrid schedule to shorten their commute time 
  • Another employee may need to move and won’t have the option of coming into the office and will need to be 100 percent remote

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to providing flexibility. Instead, give employees a say. Just remember to set clear expectations to ensure your employees are available when needed and also to help them set boundaries to prevent burnout. 

Create a Culture of Belonging  

According to a 2019 survey by BetterUp, workplace belonging can lead to a staggering 56-percent increase in job performance and a 50-percent reduction in employee turnover. As you focus on your culture for 2022 and beyond, focusing on building a community for everyone—not just yourself—is critical. But how do you do that if everyone isn’t working from the office? 

  • Create positive feedback loops. Too often, we provide feedback when something needs to be fixed or doesn’t go exactly right. Instead, highlight the positive contributions of your team. You can do this with a shoutout (in-person or virtual), complimenting people on their hard work and highlighting your team’s wins personally and professionally.
  • Utilize employee engagement surveys. Track your team’s overall happiness and sense of belonging.
  • Create active inclusion. Inclusion often happens by accident, but we need to be intentional in a hybrid environment. 

Focus on Connections 

With more employees working remotely or in hybrid environments, many feel that their bonds with colleagues have suffered. The coming year is a great time to reestablish these internal connections. Consider organizational strategies around inclusion, wellbeing, recognition and learning. 

Give Your HR Leaders a Seat at the Table 

We look to our HR leaders to put together initiatives to engage our employees, build connections, focus on learning and development and more. But they’re often given these initiatives and expected to make them happen with little to no detail. 

Instead, give your HR leaders a seat at the table to make real, impactful changes within the organization. Allow them to actively champion their initiatives, hold leaders accountable and build a workplace culture with leadership buy-in and recognition. 

Process and Technology 

The role of technology in organizations has exploded over the past two years, and leveraging technology in building and maintaining your workplace culture is no exception. But we can’t implement a ton of new technology without ensuring we have processes in place to leverage those technologies properly.

As you jump into 2022, look at your culture-building technology. Is it accessible to employees who are in the office, remote and on the go? Are there processes in place to help create consistency and reliability? We want our technology to be easy to use regardless of when and where our employees work. 

Having a strong and positive workplace culture does not happen overnight, nor does it happen by accident. It takes focus from your HR leaders and your firm’s overall leadership to create a positive work environment. As we move into 2022, take time to reflect on the culture you want your firm to have. Focus on building strategies and initiatives to support your culture. Most importantly, you need leadership buy-in and accountability to build a strong workplace culture.