How to Make the Most of Your Time During Tax Season

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Yes, I know how busy your practice can get during these months, especially if you’ve been out of it for a few years. I know the natural inclination is to say, "I'll wait till tax season ends" so I can work on this list.


I want you to get that thought out of your head.

I got myself out of a rut nine years back because I got that thought out of my own head. I started taking steady incremental steps during tax season. By the time tax season was over, I was now ready to accelerate my marketing efforts while most practitioners were looking to start theirs.

1. Spend at least 4 hours every week on new client generation.

When to do this: It could be done as one or two "4 hour blocks" of time. Block that time off on your schedule, inform you staff about this that they should not interrupt you (unless there is a physical fire or something big like that....seriously!) and shut your door.

This could take the form of being engaged in one or several of these activities:

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Salim Omar is the author of The Million Dollar CPA Firm. He is also a successful business owner of Straight Talk CPAs, an accounting firm, and President of CPA Marketing Genius. He has a passion for helping CPAs engage in personal growth and professional development. While he is not working he enjoys trying an eclectic fare from an Indian restaurant or catching up on some reading on the Florida coast. 


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