How to Differentiate Your Services

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When potential clients are shopping around, how can your services stand out? Try these top 10 tips to increase your sales.

  1. Begin by differentiating your services or products by who you and your company are.What differentiates you? More training, more experience, better methods, a better team? Come up with your key points.
  2. If people can buy a similar product or service for less, be ready to overcome that obstacle.Agree with the potential customer that they can buy for less but show them that they may be comparing apples to oranges.
  3. Sell based on value.Describe what they will get from your product or service. Use the "feel, felt and found" method. Here's an example: "My coaching service provides new approaches for you so that you'll make new discoveries, and see new answers, so that you will feel in charge of your business and your life".
  4. Stress the quality of your product or service.Point out what you are providing for the same investment as the competitor.
  5. Talk about dependability.How long have you been in business? What's your experience or background? How about testimonials and benefits?
  6. Have some advantages that differentiate you.What can you provide that others don't? Come up with something special or exclusive. Ask your customers what they might suggest.
  7. Give outstanding follow-up services.Frequently, customers complain that after the sale, there is no follow-up. Differentiate yourself by providing a unique follow-up service. That alone will be a refreshing change for customers!
  8. Offer a money back guarantee.Great point for differentiation.
  9. Take credit cards if most of your competitors don't.
  10. Target a niche that your competitor doesn't sell to.Want to be different - just sell to people that no one else has marketed to... it takes a bit of research but can really pay off!


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