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How Now is the Best Time to Plan for the Busy Season Ahead

Nov 29th 2017
Author The Million Dollar CPA Firm
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Tax season is only a couple months away and now is the time to take steps to make it your best year yet.

At the time of year when tax preparation becomes everyone’s concern, CPA firms are in the strongest possible position to increase their client bases. When clients come knocking for help, it’s your opportunity to wow newcomers and win them over for life.

This year, make sure you have the proper support systems in place.

The following are five areas of your practice that bear addressing this month:

Test Your Technology

Start running your software through its typical tax season rigors. Iron out the kinks. Consult with your IT team about your anticipated needs, and make sure they have the tools to meet them. If you don’t have an in-house IT department, retain a pro to be on-call throughout the tax season — before your competition gets him.

Update Your Website

February is not the time to be tweaking your website. Review it now to make sure it conveys a clear message about why your target client should hire your firm. Make sure all contact information is up-to-date, and check the functionality of all important links. If you haven’t already ironed out a search engine optimization plan, consult with a pro about this now. Even the best efforts to boost your search engine page rank might take a little time to take optimal effect.

Find the Best People

Start looking now for tax season help. Solidify a relationship with the best people so that when the time comes, you can bring in extra help quickly and effortlessly. Don’t put yourself in the losing position of scrambling for last-minute manpower, and being forced to take less-than-ideal candidates out of desperation.

Manage Content in Advance

If you’re involved in producing content — whether it’s blog posts, a newsletter, articles for industry publications, Twitter “tweets” or anything else — make sure your tax season content is ready-to-go well in advance. I have always prepared a “Week by Week Tax Season Game Plan,” which I recently shared in my Tax Season Profit Accelerator. This week-by-week action plan prepares my firm for success because my team and I know in January what we will be doing in March, and it can help yours!

Plot Your Marketing

If your firm is really on-the-ball, you’re likely planning marketing efforts ahead of time already, using some form of marketing calendar. If you’re not, now’s a great time to start. Be willing to do a little extra work now — think not just about your marketing efforts thirty days from now, but consider what you can also be working on for the new year, whether it’s promoting yourself as an expert to local media, booking speaking engagements, planning free workshops, writing articles and guest blog posts, etc. I know marketing isn’t the forte for most CPAs, but we do know how to retain information quickly. Find a resource that provides you with the most effective client attraction campaigns, mail pieces, social media posts, etc., that you can digest and tailor to your practice.

If you take the time to bolster your firm now, you’ll enjoy a tax season brightened by loyal new clients who can scarcely believe all they were missing before they discovered you.

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