How Fast is Fast-Paced for You and Your Firm?

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In the last article, I hinted that one of my greatest annoyances – and I know from what you tell me is one of yours, too – is the marketing “spin” used to create doubt and fear in its audience, which reads something like “in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing, hyper-connected world.”

The problem is, it’s sort of true, isn’t it? Some 30 years ago we were talking about the paperless office and the end of audit as a small firm provision.

The paperless office still has never quite arrived, has it? Though many of you do have comparatively less paper. But audit has disappeared for small firms in many parts of the world, and the world of online accounting is no longer “coming,” it’s happened and is a subject for “now.”

It’s also safe to predict that the average age of our clients will decrease more rapidly than ever before, as the World Health Organization now confirms that our planet has 2 billion people under the age of 20 for the first time in recorded history. But what’s that got to do with you and your firm?

Many of these are your future clients. They are more technologically and commercially aware than the previous generation, and therefore, their needs had better be reflected in what we offer going forward. However, there is no shortage in people willing to sell you their “cure all” systems, which fascinatingly rarely integrate with everyone else’s cure all system.

So what do you actually need to think about and what can you afford to forget about when it comes to making your firm a 21st century-ready practice – technologically speaking?

This is the subject of our second Pathfinder session. Here, we’ll look at case studies of what smaller firms are actually doing in the technology realm.

We’ll look at the most adopted accounting packages, what works and why, what technology is coming next, and what the “secret gems”  of largely unknown software packages are that can accelerate your firm’s differentiation when it comes to differentiation.

Ultimately, the secret to growing your firm and your fees isn’t one of being an expert in the technology itself anyway. It’s in knowing what and how to employ technology, such as cloud accounting, cloud pricing, and the various add-ons and plugins, that will take you and your firm from having your head in the cloud to getting ahead in the cloud.

So this fall, join us for this second session where we’ll offer you:

  • A professional update on technological advances in the accounting profession.
  • A peer-level forum of what everyone else is using and having success with.
  • The top tips for what to do to get ahead in the cloud.
  • A Q&A forum for you to get the answers and peace of mind you need regarding your future.
  • Your progress PDF to complete by the next session to get ahead in the cloud.

This and other session topics will be delivered by myself in a series of six, one-hour webinar sessions each accompanied by follow-up and easily manageable “homework” to be actioned in time for the next session.

As the series progresses, we’ll also look at technology, existing client relationships, winning new fees, forecasting our income with accuracy, pricing, recruitment, talent retention, and much more.

See you online!

Entry to the 2017 Practice Pathfinder program is now closed.  Martin will be appearing at QB Connect in San Jose for a final special edition session.  We will be reopening the program for 2018 enrollment in the spring.


About Martin Bissett


Martin Bissett formed the Upward Spiral Partnership Ltd (USP) in 2012, specialising in Grade A Fee Growth and Preparing Senior Managers for Partnership within the Accounting Profession.

Clients for USP include:

Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA)

Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW)

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

The Added Value Network (AVN)

The 2020 Group

BKR International

The IAPA Group

Russell Bedford International

The Alliott Group

Enterprise Worldwide

Chartered Accountants Ireland

MHA Monahans

CPA Trendlines

Morison KSi

Receipt Bank

Smart Vault

Additionally, Bissett has launched a speaking career that has taken him to 16 countries in the first 6 years of its existence.

Bissett has held a position as Board advisor at the Raft Foundation and has been a visiting lecturer at Bolton College, Accrington Rossendale College, Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School, Southport College, The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy North Manchester, The North West Society of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

Bissett has received the Powered Person of the year award from Business Link, the youngest ever winner of the award.

The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management has recognized him as a Fellow of The Institute.

The Business for Good Organisation has recognised him as a finalist for Global Impact Maker of the year.

Intellectual Property

Bissett currently has 4 recognised and registered trademarks which he uses in his consulting work. Amongst these are his A.C.C.O.U.N.T.S.(tm) mnemonic, employed in the accurate forecasting of proactive fee growth within an accounting firm.


As of May 2018, Bissett has published 11 books on practice development in the Accounting Profession. The most of any author.

His book ‘Passport to Partnership’ appeared on the curricula of the AAT Level 3 qualification at Bolton College.

He has the best-selling book in North America (Passport to Partnership) on leadership development in the accounting profession.





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