How Automation Impacts Your Firm’s Financials – Part 1

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The next round of articles in our Realities of the Automated Practice series deals with the financial and measurement aspects of automation. In this case, HPC founder and CEO Bruce Phillips, CPA explains how this impacted his firm and what he did about it.

Our pivot from being a traditional CPA firm to a virtual, cloud-based firm with remote workers and refinement of the project management process to no longer track inputs (aka time), but outputs were fundamental shifts in the way I ran it.

Setting up an automated firm in a virtual environment required quite a few changes to people, processes, workflows and overall operations, just to create a moderately efficient practice. Here are some of the areas that HPC focused on that could help you in your planning as well:


At HPC, we view manual data entry as a sin and make every effort to automate work.  It directly costs our team members time they can instead use to provide advice and support to our customers. We have an innovation team that identifies and mitigates inefficiencies.

We maintain a running list of manual processes that our staff is performing, which we fix and use to adapt our current processes and solutions to eliminate them. This is an initiative that is communicated throughout all of our organization to increase our overall efficiency.

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Bruce Phillips

Bruce is Founder and CEO of HPC, a cloud-based accounting and advisory firm that serves small business clients around the world.


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