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Here’s How to Say ‘Yes’ to Value Pricing

Jan 3rd 2019
Owner/trainer Quick Bookkeeping LLC
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It’s 100 percent true that clients only pay what they believe is the value of your services, however, the real issue is that accountants get frustrated with value pricing because clients come to the table with a predisposed mindset about what you do.

That’s human nature, but what we can’t forget is that this worldview may be extremely limited by a few, seemingly low-quality interactions in the past. You may be pigeonholed into the “commodity” category that no one wants to be in.

How Do We Solve This Issue?

You must have the strongest positioning in the market. The client needs to believe that your firm was designed to solve their particular needs. Why? You are highly specialized in solving the issues they are having or you are targeting that niche market.

For example, not every practitioner knows about sales tax compliance and reporting, but you may very well be an expert in this. If so, you need to say so! All of your marketing, social media and content needs to be authoritative in your field of expertise, which just happens to match the client’s needs.

Make sure clients walk into your first meeting with no preconditions. This means you need to give your client homework so they can decide up front before meeting you that you are going to help them from the very first minute you meet.

You have a unique value proposition and very clearly understand your client’s issues. As such, you need to communicate your most important role is to ensure they don’t waste their time.

If the prospect doesn’t know enough about you to know that spending time with you, even in an initial consultation, is worth $300-$600 or whatever your price is, they are wasting your time and theirs.

Spark their curiosity, ask them a question no one has ever asked them before – one that they don’t have the answer to – and make sure it’s a question that drives them to ask more questions. This way you’ll effectively send them into a journey of self-discovery. If you can do that, you’ll have them for life.

At the end of the day, people want to do business with others who match two checkmarks:

  1. They are easy to do business with
  2. They align with their higher purpose in life

It’s as simple as that. We can double or triple the perceived value of our services by simply checking these two boxes!

Put another way, think of Yoda from Star Wars. He made Luke ask himself the questions that led him to the path he took. You need to be your client’s Yoda!

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Ed Kless
By ed.kless
Jan 4th 2019 12:51 EST

Excellent post, Hector. Price is not a function of your cost. It is a function of the value you have created for others. In short, the syllogism is not:

Cost --> Price --> Value, it is:

Value --> Price --> Cost.

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