Five Examples of What Does and What Doesn’t Work at Accounting Firms

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In the context of growing and developing a firm, there are hundreds of strategies and ideas to implement that work, and an equal amount that do not.

For the past 24 years I have coached Accounting firms and built businesses that serve the Accounting profession. I have interacted with over 175,000 Accountants across the globe and directly coached 434 firms adding over $850M in new profit to those firms.

Getting so intimate with the profession means I’ve seen a lot of what does work and a lot of what doesn’t. To narrow it down to ‘the BIG 5’ of each is hard, but here goes….

What works:

  1. Understanding clients’ goals. I believe the action of being the trusted advisor is that ‘all clients are buying every service from you that helps them achieve their goals’. Systematically meeting with clients to discover what they want to achieve, documenting it and then matching services.
  2. Embracing automation.

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About Rob Nixon

Rob Nixon

Rob Nixon is CEO and co-founder of Panalitix, a global membership community for practicing accountants as well as the author of 3 books ‘Accounting Practices Don’t Add Up’ - ‘Remaining Relevant’ and his most recent book 'The Perfect Firm'.


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Mar 6th 2018 16:58

Terrific article, Rob! Short and sweet. I love the fact that you started with "Understanding the client's goals." So many times it's easy to get obsessed with selling and forget that first step. Good on ya, mate.

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Mar 19th 2018 05:44

Well, to run an accounting firm is not an easy task, you need to keep few things to run it effectively and those few things include understanding clients’ goals, embracing automation and more. Nice article I must say!!

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