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Experts Speak About AccountingWEB Live Summit


What is AccountingWEB Live Summit and why should you attend? We sat down with some of the Advisory Board who helped guide us as we built out our first live event.


Feb 1st 2022
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We were able to sit down and chat with AccountingWEB Live Summit Advisory Board members Alison Ball and Doug Sleeter, who got real about reasons to attend AccountingWEB Live Summit.

Doug and Alison were able to offer us a brief overview of the Agenda. but also details on why you as a professional accountant need to consider being a part of this event.

In the above video, Doug and Alison discussed, in all honsesty, why they became a part of our Board. They also shared their respective experience in building successful live events for accounting professionals. They revealed what they were most looking foward to about the Agenda and the venue itseslf, which is on an island resort off the coast of San Diego, California. This just happens to be a short drive from the San Diego International Airport.

We sincerely hope you will consider joining us, many of your fellow accounting professionals and core vendors and service providors in our space on May 9, 2022.

Taking place at Paradise Point in San Diego California on May 9-12, 2022, AccountingWEB Live Summit is an in-person networking event and conference for accounting professionals that will offer expert advice on the future of accounting, strategies to set firms ahead in a digital age, CPE accredited sessions, new technology showcases, and plenty of time to meet and learn from like-minded professionals at breakfast briefings, networking lunches, and an unforgettable off-site gala dinner. Learn more at