Establish a Work Culture to Develop Your CPA Firm

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Culture is the number one aspect that can be developed by accounting firms to build teamwork, retain employees and weed out the bad ones, according to one CPA who helps lead a 100-person firm.

Speaking at the CCH User Conference 2017 in San Francisco, Wesley Middleton, managing partner at MRZ LLP, a Houston-based CPA firm, said that accounting firms can emulate the type of culture found in technology firms like Apple that have built a strong following among its employees.

“Culture in our firm is our number one [priority],” he told an audience Monday at his session, Creating a Cool Culture. “You can be the smartest person, the best CPA on this planet, and if you don’t fit our culture, or we can’t find a way for you to add to our culture, then we’re not going to work together, because we value, and we protect, and we define our culture. And we hold it near, near our hearts.

"And while it sounds real sappy ­­— I know it does — it’s what’s evolving,” Middleton said. “And what other organizations, what other professions, and what other companies have figured out way before us as CPAs is how important culture is. We saw it first with maybe, with the Googles and the Apples, and the tech world have really defined culture in a way that we’ve been hesitant to adopt. It’s been very, very slow to be adopted in professional services.”

“But what I’ve found in my experience is that there’s nothing that Google or Apple can do that we can’t also do,” he said. “That there’s no reason that we can’t have the same great culture in our organizations as those types of companies have.”

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