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AccountingWEB Live Summit Networking

Essential Networking Available at Live Summit


In the 20 years I’ve covered this profession, there is little doubt that the greatest impact on practitioners comes from the connections they have. Suffice to say, there is no better way to connect than at a live event like AccountingWEB Live Summit.

Mar 14th 2022
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With filing season in full swing, it won’t be long before and the idea of attending live events becomes more of a reality. That means networking, and there’s no better opportunity to do so than at AccountingWEB Live Summit.

Sure, the allure of CPE and impactful keynote speeches is palpable, but what accountants truly miss is that one-on-one time with each other, with vendors they know, and a chance to physically be somewhere new. That’s right, conference season is truly back… but what does it mean to you?

Within the season there are endless opportunities to network, view product and service demos, listen to thought leaders, and share experiences. But none of that will have any value if you go into them without a plan, or simply with the idea of gaining a few continued learning points.

Coming into Live Summit, much like your own practice, you need to have some form of mission in mind. If not, you risk ending up like the walking dead of practitioners who tend to wander in to some conferences searching for free or low-cost CPE and a cheap meal or vendor tchotchkes. This, in short is not what Live Summit is about in the slightest.

As many of us have learned over the past couple of years, purely virtual events simply miss the mark for anyone really looking to fix their practices in some way. You need that personal time with the right people to guide you and share those necessary ideas: sometimes all it takes is one.

Live Summit's Agenda was crafted for our audience, many of whom own or manage small practices and are ready to engage with thought leaders, core vendors, and their colleagues who are likely going through the same or similar challenges as them. So let’s take a peek at some of these opportunities:

Breakout Sessions

While you can find all you need on our event site, some of the highlights are the fact that we have panel discussions with thought leaders, and topic experts that will not only help you learn, but keep you engaged and part of the conversation. 

Take our session on resolving back tax debts, something top of mind for many tax pros, lead by tax attorney Eric L. Green and IRS Commissioner Darren Guillot, who will be there to take your client-related questions and concerns.

Struggling with staffing issues? Bring your questions and concerns over to our panel on attracting and retaining top talent and stave off the Big Quit with practitioners who are doing so successfully like Penny Breslin, and the consultants like Amanda Lilley and Michelle Vilms helping CPAs with this challenge every day. All of this supported by core research from Hinge Marketing, and their CEO (and AccountingWEB regular contributor) Lee Frederiksen. There are many more, but not enough to overwhelm you and keep you in meetings the entire time.

Fireside Chats

But we would be remiss if we did not mention the opportunity to have your voices heard at our two fireside chats. This will truly be an essential time to engage with some top thought leaders, and hear from your colleagues, as discussion around the most pressing issues facing the profession is what is needed more than ever.

One of our chats will center around getting ROI from your tech stack and investments you’ve made, hosted by none other than Dawn Brolin and keynote speaker Clayton Oates. Dawn and Clayton have, respectively, established relationships with vendors they know and trust but have also evaluated technology for their own practices with much trial and error. In short, they learned what works, what doesn't and what strategies you need in place as a bookkeeper and a tax pro.

For years the profession has been told to move onto this platform or that, and marketed to by the growing field of third-party application developers. This has, largely, resulted in confusion, malaise and in some cases frustrations over integration issues and overall return on investments made out of haste or immediate need.  It is this kind of session, that will allow attendees to have their voice and not simply spoken at.

We also plan to address another core matter in the profession, head on, and that's where diversity and inclusion are in accounting. For years it has been an issue the profession has yet to directly address, but while many business practices have evolved, D&I needs to be more than a nice-to-have on a company culter pamphlet.

Lead by Breakaway Bookkeeping founder Michelle Lopez, this session will be yet another key opportunty to engage on an issue that impacts every firm owner and decision maker.

Break Times & After Hours

Any successful event would not be complete without enough opportunities to actually connect with your colleagues and core vendors in the field. This is why we’ve spent time to work in a healthy amount of mealtimes, coffee and snack breaks and overall down time to you to make the most of Your time at Live Summit. Look closely at the Agenda, you will see several throughout the day, which in and of itself begins and ends at times that allow you to refresh, decompress and be ready for more.

We would of course be remiss, if we didn’t mention our planned social events at the end of each day of Live Summit, and hosted by our sponsors. More on those to come, but trust that you do not want to miss what our key sponsors Melio, Xero, ADP and more have in store for you when the sun goes down. Here you will get to connect in person with the thought leaders and influencers of today and the future.

From the day you arrive, you will be treated to cocktail receptions, dinners, and even an off-site event at a local Mexican favorite, featuring food, drinks, entertainment and of course, plenty of time to let loose and chat with anyone you haven't had a chance to.

We’ve done the hard work of assembling an engaging balance of veteran speakers, diverse talent, and rising stars to attend our first-ever live event. We look forward to meeting you in person!

The 2022 AccountingWEB Live Summit may be over, but you can join us in 2023! Pre-register today to be the first to know when tickets are on sale. You can find the form at

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