Editor’s Corner: Why it’s Good to Just Keep Up

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What has occurred in the accounting profession over the past decade has been fraught with analogies, some of which you may be sick of hearing by now. And as part of a larger or growing firm, you’re thinking what you need is not more catch phrases or doomsday scenarios, you need practical advice to get through the season and the year to keep your firm afloat.

The fact is – as you’ve probably come face to face with – there are smaller firms in your geography, or just out in the market in general, that have adapted to economic and technological shifts a bit faster than yours. They’re more mobile, cloud comfortable, and quite possibly more specialized in certain niche markets than you’ve been able to be.

The good news is, it’s not too late and that you don’t necessarily have to “lead” or dramatically change what your firm does to keep pace with these so-called nimble firms. You can indeed survive and even thrive, given the right guidance from those who have been through it. Such is the purpose behind the guide we co-created with cloud accounting software provider Xero.

Our aim, and theirs, is not to sell you more software or beat you over the head with what you’re not doing or doing wrong. It is our shared belief that firms like yours need to make the right, incremental changes and understand what can help you properly compete and offer your clients the trust and level of service they expect.

As you’re likely aware, client expectations have indeed changed and they’re looking for more of an advisor in their CPA firms. But they’re not always going to come out and ask. You need to have the confidence that you can tailor even your most basic accounting and bookkeeping services to your clients’ needs and, quite possibly, offer them more than they expect. You also need to know there are tools and insights available for you to do so and even to correctly network to get the clients you want.

Our free guide to keeping pace and competing with the agile practice is not meant to be definitive, but rather a steppingstone to offer thoughts and insights from the perspective of a firm that has indeed seen the same struggles and experienced success over time.

We hope you take the time to read it through and perhaps make your own steps toward positive growth.

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