EDGAR Online announces member discount arrangement with AICPA

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EDGAR Online, Inc. has announced that it has arranged with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to offer AICPA members its award-winning I-Metrix subscription service at a discount. EDGAR Online's I-Metrix combines XBRL-enabled interactive data with web and Microsoft Excel analysis tools that will provide CPAs a streamlined method of doing company and financial research.

"We are confident that I-Metrix can help CPAs perform faster, smarter and higher quality analysis of public company financial information," said Susan Strausberg, CEO of EDGAR Online, Inc. "Whether they are benchmarking client company information against industry peers, performing research or advising on a complex business valuation, I-Metrix is analysis-ready and can save significant time and money."

"In today's business climate, CPAs and their clients are looking for more three-dimensional views of a company's financial condition, and I-Metrix helps achieve this objective," said Barry C. Melancon, CPA, President and CEO of the AICPA. "As a founder of XBRL, the AICPA believes in the core purpose and benefits of interactive data as a tool to protect the public interest. EDGAR Online's I-Metrix will help CPAs access and analyze the information they need quickly, accurately and efficiently."

I-Metrix will allow CPAs to work with XBRL-enabled public-company financial data through EDGAR Online's rich Web interface and Excel® add-in to perform multiple types of tracking and company analysis. This wealth of data on over 12,000 companies includes historical information going back more than eight years, complete financial statement line items with direct links back to SEC source filings, ratios and industry comparisons, insider and institutional holdings, SEC filings, searching, screening and alerting among many other features.

CPAs will greatly benefit from additional insight into company performance that adds context to traditional internal performance measurement. The AICPA plans to promote this offer though multiple channels including their website, via email offers and through educational webinars.

AICPA members can take advantage of this special I-Metrix offer at: www.aicpa.org/edgaronline

About EDGAR Online, Inc.

EDGAR Online, Inc. is a leading provider of value-added business and financial information on global companies to financial, corporate and advisory professionals. The company makes its information and a variety of analysis tools available via online subscriptions and licensing agreements to a large user base. For more information, please visit www.edgar-online.com.

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