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Andy North interviews Geni Whitehouse

Don't Lose Focus on Your Clients While Automating

Jul 30th 2019
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While more firms are adopting automation, are they also at risk of losing connection with their clients?

Automation is becoming the norm in many accounting firms. Even so, the human element cannot be overlooked.  AccountingWEB's Andy North sat down with the accountant, keynote speaker, and all round accounting legend Geni Whitehouse to find out why.

As you'll see in the interview, it's important to get into the shoes of the client.  Accountants are guilty of "naval gazing" and need to stop focusing on the data they have in the accounting software. The real gold simply doesn't show up in QuickBooks or any one application.

As Geni puts it, "Focus on those you're trying to help.  Sit down with them and find out where they need support - it's not just about you!"

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