Don't Forget to Hit the Pause Button This Busy Season

Feb 27th 2014
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We're still uncool at our house. We have three remotes to control our TV, BlueRay, sound system, Apple TV, etc. Our son comes to visit and asks why we don't get one of the new-type remotes where you can do it all from one or why don't we use our iPad or iPhone. We've been there ... then you buy a new TV and start over! We'll get there again. However, one button I know for sure is the Pause button.

I need a break, I need to think, the phone rings, someone's at the door -- I hit Pause.

If you are working inside a CPA firm, you are entering one of the most challenging times of the year. It's rush, rush, rush. When will that job be done? How much billable time did you have last week? Call so-and-so and have them hurry up and get their information to us.

Maria Shriver gave a commencement speech in 2012 to her daughter's graduating class titled The Power Of The Pause -- The importance of stopping and evaluating where you are in life. How often have you done that?

Shriver advised the graduates: 

So remember to pause and reflect before you sign on with someone or some organization whose work you don't admire and respect. Who you work for is as important as what you do.

As a CPA firm leader, are you admired by your people? Are you pausing to explain the importance of the work you do? Are you sharing the success stories of your business clients and how an accountant's role is to serve others and help them become successful? Are you encouraging your valued employees to pause once in a while to reflect on their work, their life, and their family?

You and everyone else at your firm have hectic, busy lives. People get tired, worn-down, and lose sight of the positives. For yourself, remember to pause and reflect often. Am I truly happy in my work? Do I trust and admire my partners? Do I value my employees? Am I always honest with my team members? Am I always honest with my family? Am I happy?


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