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Content Marketing Tips for Small Firms

Jan 17th 2018
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These days, everybody’s talking about content marketing. And for small firms with limited time and resources (like me… and probably you), figuring out how to build a content marketing strategy from scratch can seem overwhelming. 

When I first started looking at content marketing, I felt like I was at the base camp of Mt. Everest. I looked around and everybody was gearing up for the climb, but I didn’t even know where to start. Why? Because there are so many types of content and marketing channels out there that it literally makes my brain feel oxygen-deprived just thinking about them. 

There are articles, blogs, white papers, tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn Publishing, Instagram, review sites, webinars, YouTube videos, newsletters, e-books and email campaigns. Which ones would work for me?

Also, I’m a social media abstainer (by choice), which means all that stuff is doubly overwhelming for me. So as I stood there looking at this large, daunting mountain with an increasingly painful “content management” headache, I basically decided I had two choices:

  • Option 1: Feel paralyzed and do nothing. Just turn around and start walking back toward Kathmandu. Who needs to climb Everest, anyway — I’ve already been there with John Krakauer.
  • Option 2: Lower my sights and stop thinking about the whole mountain. Admit that I’m fascinated with climbing and that I want to start moving in an upward direction, but accept that this is a huge project that’s going to take a long time and a lot of grueling work. And right now, I’m just a beginner.

If you’re in the same tent as me, feeling attracted to the idea of content marketing but confused about where to start, I’d suggest that you consider scaling back your ambitions… a lot. In other words, forget about the 27 different content types and social media channels that the world is hurling at you, and the crazy idea that you have to do them all at once or you’ll be a marketing loser. 

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Dora Ngoma FCCA, FFA, FIPA
By Dora Ngoma
Mar 26th 2018 21:56

Thank you Will, for your posts. They have been a massive encouragement as I too feel exactly the same as you did when you were at the base of Mt Everest!
Thanks for the advise..

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