After COVID: An Accountant’s Guide to Rebuilding Beyond the Pandemic


AccountingWEB is kicking off a multi-week content effort, complete with a FREE downloadable guide, articles and expert-hosted webinars to help the profession cope and hopefully excel over the next six to 12 months as we look at life beyond the impact of the pandemic.

Jul 9th 2020
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Accounting firms have been impacted in many ways by COVID-19. Coping with a sudden shift to remote working, helping clients make emergency loan applications and stepping into the “first responder” role to provide ongoing advice only added to the stress.

But as the “triage” period has largely ended, the question now is obvious: “What’s next?” There is a clear opportunity for firms of all sizes to take control of the shape and direction of the business they want to run moving forward, but it is going to take some work and proper planning.  

This is why over the next several weeks, AccountingWEB’s Rebuilding campaign will examine what the profession has learned about itself, how core accounting services have changed and what opportunities are emerging for the future.

Specifically, we plan to address:

  • Rethinking the working environment: As firms are forced to re-evaluate the pros and cons of working remotely, many are finding that going office free might be a viable way forward. We review how they struggled as well as thrived when working from home. We’ll also help those who want to retain the current structure to build a best practices model going forward. 
  • Accounting staff: As painful as permanent and temporary layoffs have been, they have forced firms to re-evaluate the skills they need and how they want to acquire them. We look at how firms can evaluate their skills requirements and rebuild with a growth strategy in mind.
  • A new kind of client relationship: The COVID-19 crisis forced many accountants to become counselors, loan brokers, business coaches and friends to their clients. Looking forward, will those relationships revert to the way they were or remain changed? We’ll be exploring how these new dynamics might allow accounting professionals to finally become the advisors their clients need.
  • Improving your firm’s marketing: The COVID-19 crisis had created a lot of opportunity for CPA firms to pivot their services and offer new advisory and consulting packages to clients. Once you’re successfully and confidently delivering those services to existing clients, the logical next step is to market them to a wider client base.
  • Smaller firms with bigger workloads:  Your firm might have fewer staff now, but your clients are likely looking for more material support to fill the staffing gaps they’re dealing with. We look at options firms have to build automated business processes to take on those services in a profitable and sustainable way. 

We kick off this effort with a practical article and webinar, hosted by renowned speaker and risk management expert Donny Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA. He will specifically explore how to best manage the risks associated with remote work. The free webinar on Thursday July 16, 2pm EDT, is entitled: Revisiting the Risks of Working Remote Post COVID-19 and is good for 1 CPE credit. 

In the coming weeks, we will have more articles, as well as useful webinars hosted by Jennifer Wilson and Convergence Coaching; Lee Reams of CountingWorks; Andrew Wall, CPA, CMA; and Geni Whitehouse, CPA, CITP.

In the meantime, download our FREE rebuilding playbook, authored by the many experts at Boomer Consulting. It will help set your minds and practical efforts in motion to manage the next six to 12 months as your firm gets back on track!

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