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A Framework is Here for Small Firms to Manage Their Practices


Practice management in the accounting profession has long been fraught with mismanagement, miscommunication and overall poor decision making, particularly when it comes to product selection. AccountingWEB is looking to help firms set a new course, for the better.

Jun 8th 2020
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With the help of K2 Enterprises, and author Randolph (Randy) P. Johnston, we have produced an essential guide -- nay, a framework -- and full content series to help firms better understand practice management and related technologies.

Our ultimate goal is to offer firms a leg up when it comes to their decisions about managing their practice, which ultimately does lead to choices about systems and solutions to aid the process. Practice management comes in many forms, it's individual, it's personal and for most small firms, they may not even believe they need any tools for the job.

But, upon a deeper look into how firms function, even small ones -- which comprise the majority of the accounting profession -- know they could be more efficient in their:

  • day-to-day work
  • client communication
  • general workflow
  • management of time and documents

...and more. This is why we have chosen the formal title of this guide and series to be The Realities of Practice Management. Beyond marketing speak or general word-of-mouth, this content effort beginning with our free guide dives into what you need to know to be a better-run firm. At the very least, we aim to help your firm make more informed decisions, discarding the mistakes of the past when it comes down to system selection, as many of you likely already have done.

To that end, the best fit for your firm will likely be determined by things such as your own priorities and the growth and management strategies you adopt. Moreover, understanding how those strategies should direct your technology choices is far from straightforward.

Beginning with the Realities of Practice Management guide, we will provide needed insights for small firm owners and managers to help them understand what their priorities are. It also highlights the products that are the best fit to support those needs.

The guide will also include:

  • The key functions of a practice management solution
  • How to prioritize which functions are most important to you and your firm
  • Which currently available solutions best fit your practice based on that understanding

In short, stay tuned to AccountingWEB and related communications from us over the next several weeks as we delve into the issues that put the need for better practice management in the spotlight. In the meantime, download the free guide and get started on your journey to rebuild, reorganize and improve how your practice functions.

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