7 Steps to Bring Stability to Your Practice With Written Systems

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Every successful accounting practice that I have studied delivers accounting services in a predictable and consistent manner, every time.

How is this possible, you ask?

Well, their policies and procedures explain exactly how and when things are done.

A “How We do It Here” manual, also called policies and procedures, gives accounting practices an organized and professional approach to all circumstances. Standardize your procedures so that everyone knows what they are and how to do them.

Without these systems in place, everything depends on you. Imagine if something happened to you, even for a short time period, the entire practice would be thrown into chaos.

Right before one of my coaching programs, during tax season a few years back, a coaching member suffered from a heart attack. He was out of commission for six weeks, with no systems in place that could have enabled someone else to keep his office operational. He not only lost a huge chunk of clients, but team members who were fed up with lack of stability. Ultimately, that affected the bottom line, his income. Once he recovered, he rejoined my coaching program, and our first order of business was to create a binder of procedures.

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Salim Omar is the author of The Million Dollar CPA Firm. He is also a successful business owner of Straight Talk CPAs, an accounting firm, and President of CPA Marketing Genius. He has a passion for helping CPAs engage in personal growth and professional development. While he is not working he enjoys trying an eclectic fare from an Indian restaurant or catching up on some reading on the Florida coast. 


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