5 Ways to Be an Indispensable Accountant in 2017

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Jeff Thomson
President and CEO
Institute of Management Accountants
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If you ask 100 company leaders the definition of a good employee, you can expect many different responses. Despite this, one thing is certain: Qualified employees are indispensable. Companies are always looking for the best and brightest to carry it through positive growth. So, how do you become that employee?

Becoming an indispensable employee starts with exploring the unknown. What are some areas that interest you? What do you think could positively impact your professional growth? Whether that’s looking at your literal skill set or nontechnical capabilities, this strategic thinking will exemplify that you mean serious business to employers.

As you work on becoming a more well-rounded accounting or finance professional, here are a few specific areas to keep in mind:

1. Get behind your company’s mission. This sounds like a no-brainer, but a key indicator of success is being excited about your work. While many people may be enthusiastic about their specific job requirements, true passion stems from getting acquainted with the company’s mission statement and overall goals. Take some time to get acquainted with these goals so that you can reframe how you define your success and what it means to accomplish these goals.

For instance, if you are an accountant at Campbell Soup Co., maybe a goal is to close the books ahead of schedule each month. Instead of thinking about your work as a task to “cross off” your to-do list, consider how important this work is to keeping the organization running smoothly. Without your efforts, how could the company deliver on its promise to promote nutrition and a more sustainable environment?

Reframing your goals around the company’s mission gives you purpose. If you are passionate and committed to this purpose, it will be visible to those around you and will significantly impact your work and what you can accomplish.

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Feb 19th 2017 13:59

Great article. Lots to think about

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May 15th 2017 06:20

In every single industry apart from just finance, you need to consistently improve your personal development skills. This way, you will remain relevant in the sector and do not lose out to newcomers who might be holding onto a new and improved set of skills. This is the reason why upgrading your personal self is necessary to make you the indispensable staff in the company regardless of which field that you are in.

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By Mike117
May 30th 2017 18:58

I totally agree with Rowan, that you need to continuously improve. In order to show and prove your worth within the industry, you would need to change for good. I think big companies like Intuit and Xero sensed the same many years back and this is how they are reaping the benefits now. Today, accounting is fully digitalized. I never thought this to be possible but people are accepting the change faster than before and this is how I as well joined the bandwagon. Today I am a successful Quickbooks proadvisor and is being approached like never before.

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