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5 Tasks Accountants Should Outsource and Why

Dec 22nd 2016
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As an accountant, you will find that few things in your line of work are as precious as your time; however, numerous client and co-worker meetings and traveling means that your precious time often slips through your fingers. It may be time to offload some of the work outside your expertise in order to give yourself back the time you need.

At times you might feel like the days are becoming unmanageable, but there are many things that you can do to make the load a little lighter, and one of the best methods at your disposal is outsourcing.

Here are five tasks you should consider outsourcing and why:

1. Marketing

Marketing is crucial in any business; whether you are a sole practitioner or on staff at a firm, prospective clients and customers need to be aware of you and your skills. Smart marketing is what keeps your schedule full. It’s also why it’s hard to get right.

As an accountant, the list of duties and the rate that you have to do them are continually rising. So, finding time to write copy for ads and sending out mailing lists might be important, but it’s not going to be on top of your list of things to do. Hire someone, or even a small agency, who can keep on top of it for you so that you can focus on the accounting side of your job.

2. Website Maintenance

Another important aspect of reaching a wider audience is having a good website, though simply having one that looks nice isn’t enough. You need to post and update content regularly – posting blogs, photos, and videos are all a part of standing out from the crowd. However, as you already know, you might not have time for this, making website maintenance something that you should outsource so you can reap the benefits without your accountancy work suffering.

3. Calendar Management/Scheduling

Ask any accountant, and they will all tell you at least one story of how they were either late for an important meeting or forgot to put it on the calendar altogether. While this might be understandable due to the amount of work you have to do, repeated mistakes like that can cost you money, as well as your reputation. Instead of risking the loss of clientele, outsource a personal assistant to book meetings and put them in your calendar for you.

4. Social Media

I’ve already mentioned how important marketing is to all businesses, and while social media is a significant aspect of marketing in today’s climate, it’s entirely its own beast. Especially if you are self-employed, staying connected on social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, can get you a lot of work. However, to utilize the benefits of social media is a skill within itself, a skill that you might not have which is why outsourcing someone or a company to handle your social media is a wise move.

5. Your Own Weaknesses

The main thing that accounting professionals should outsource is simple: all of their weaknesses. It doesn’t matter what it is that you are not proficient at. From boosting SEO to competitor analysis, if you can’t do it to your best ability, your time is better spent sticking to what makes you a good accountant. Make a list of things other than accounting that you need to do to keep your business going, and if you are not good at the tasks on the list, outsource them straight away. This will keep you and your business strong on all fronts.


As you can see, the list of tasks that you can outsource is as diverse as it is helpful. If you want to have more time to concentrate on accounting instead of the things that surround it, take note of the list above and start outsourcing now.

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By jennigreen
Dec 28th 2016 02:47 EST

Totally agreed with this point but except these tasks, Accountants of firms like insurance, manufacturing, Restaurants can also outsource their overloaded accounting tasks such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll Processing & Financial Reporting activities. These activities are vital but time consuming that is difficult to handle by a single accountant. From the Point of accuracy and efficiency, outsourcing is the best suitable option for the Accountant to handle such activities.

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