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Meet Xero at AWEB Live Summit!




We're sitting down with the expert tech providers you can meet at AccountingWEB Live Summit this May 9-12, 2022, for a sneak peek into why they joined the Summit, what they can offer accounting professionals like you, what they are most looking forward to in San Diego and more!

Apr 27th 2022
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In addition to the fantastic networking opportunities and engaging content agenda you’ll find at the AccountingWEB Live Summit this May in San Diego, we also have exhibit halls filled with vendors who offer the latest technology that will solve your problems and help you work more efficiently. This week, we spoke with Xero about giving accounting professionals the right tools to succeed, why Xero is excited to be a part of our first conference and more.

AccountingWEB Live Summit is a brand-new conference. What made you want to be a part of it?

We are thrilled to be joining the AccountingWEB Live Summit as a Platinum Partner. This is AccountingWEB’s first event in the United States, and we’ve been excited to reconnect with the community and also build on the strong relationship we’ve had with AccountingWEB over the years. AccountingWEB also displayed a commitment to build compelling content throughout the event. Its tech-savvy audience aligns well with our focus to help accountants and bookkeepers leverage technology, data and insights to build closer relationships with their small business clients so they can empower them to thrive long term.

One of the recurring themes in the summit's content program is change (often as a result of the pandemic) and adaptability. How can your products and services help businesses succeed as they adapt to new ways of working?

We know that cash flow is the lifeline of any business. Many business owners don’t have a good understanding of their current cash position and how much “buffer” they have. It’s critical that small businesses identify future projections of money in and money out of the business because maintaining a healthy cash flow can make all the difference to a business surviving. We’re really proud to offer small businesses a tool to help them navigate cash flow challenges — Xero Analytics and Analytics Plus, powerful cash flow forecasting and analysis tools designed to help small businesses understand their financial health in real-time and plan for the future with their advisor.

Xero Analytics combines our short-term cash flow tool, which visually projects cash flow over 30 days, and business snapshot tool, providing up-to-date insights on business performance. Xero Analytics Plus supercharges forecasts and reporting to give growing small businesses greater flexibility and foresight over their business. Short-term cash flow in Xero Analytics Plus can detect and predict regular cash expenses and income over the next week, month or quarter. Through these features, we can help small businesses avoid these scenarios and from running out of cash. We can help businesses seek out meaningful discussions about their plans with their advisor so they can see their future potential cash flow, the impact of upcoming expenses and discover opportunities to bring more cash into the business by invoicing customers sooner, changing payment times or requesting a deposit.

What is THE hot-button issue for accountants that your company is currently focused on solving?

One of our goals is to deliver rich, meaningful financial data and insights that will help empower small businesses. To achieve this, we need to work closely with our accounting and bookkeeping partners on how to educate small business clients on using this financial data to add further value and drive business outcomes. We also aim to help small businesses move from a “do it yourself” to a “do it together” mindset. While small business owners are used to a “DIY” mentality, we want to help more of them embrace a “DIT” approach. This means partnering with a trusted advisor like an accountant or bookkeeper who can help them gain a competitive edge and help them make well-considered decisions on how to operate successfully.

Finally, what (or who) are you most looking forward to at the event?

We are excited to see partners and everyone in the community face-to-face again. Live events are a great way for the community to collaborate and share ideas around how we can reshape the future of accounting. We look forward to having these discussions and helping even more accountants and bookkeepers make an impact on small businesses and communities they serve. Be sure to stop by booth #18 and say hi to the Xero team! You might even get a chance to win some NOLA-themed giveaways as we get ready for Xerocon New Orleans in August.

The 2022 AccountingWEB Live Summit may be over, but you can join us in 2023! Pre-register today to be the first to know when tickets are on sale. You can find the form at