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Meet ClearSpend at AWEB Live Summit 2022!


We're sitting down with the expert tech providers you can meet at AccountingWEB Live Summit this May 9-12, 2022, for a sneak peek into why they joined the Summit, what they can offer accounting professionals like you, what they are most looking forward to in San Diego, and more!

Apr 8th 2022
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In addition to the fantastic networking opportunities and engaging content agenda you’ll find at the AccountingWEB Live Summit this May in San Diego, we also have exhibit halls filled with vendors who offer the latest technology that will solve your problems and help you work more efficiently. This week, we spoke with ClearSpend about making sure accounting professionals have the right tools to succeed, why ClearSpend is excited to be a part of our first conference, and more.

AccountingWEB Live Summit is a brand-new conference. What made you want to be a part of it?

We're always looking for ways, spaces, and places to meet up with those who matter most to our business—bookkeepers and accountants. AccountingWEB has a history of bringing this community together in a fun, informative, and engaging way, so it made sense for this to be where we introduce our new brand and product. Not to mention it is in beautiful San Diego this year, and who would pass up the opportunity to go to a venue named Paradise Point?

One of the recurring themes in the summit's content program is change (often as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic) and adaptability. How can your products and services help businesses succeed as they adapt to new ways of working?

Related to the pandemic, we saw that a lot more companies are relying on employees to purchase items online, rather than in-store, and also saw the need to purchase business expenses for home offices. Because companies can't easily hand out petty cash in these situations, we thought it would make sense to create a product that works like petty cash, but digitally through virtual and physical prepaid business Visa cards.

What is THE hot-button issue for accountants that your company is currently focused on solving?

On top of eliminating expense reports (obviously), the big issue we're helping accountants with is spend control. Too many small businesses (and their accountants) don't have a tight enough grip on company spend, which leads to going over budget or paying out expenses that shouldn't have existed in the first place. With ClearSpend's granular spend control restrictions that are embedded onto our payment cards, accountants have a say in how company funds get spent and can ensure budgets are kept. 

Finally, what (or who) are you most looking forward to at the event?

We are most looking forward to meeting the wonderful accountants who will be in attendance at this year's event. We built our business off the voices and feedback of accountants and bookkeepers, and we're always excited to get more face time with them to understand what's making them tick. So if you're an accountant or bookkeeper, stop by our booth!

The 2022 AccountingWEB Live Summit may be over, but you can join us in 2023! Pre-register today to be the first to know when tickets are on sale. You can find the form at