Why Bookkeepers Should Embrace Technology to Enhance Their Career

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Clients and customers are demanding ease of use and constant access, which means professionals need to stay up-to-date with current technologies that will help them better serve their customers. The bookkeeping role is a great example of how disruptive technologies can impact efficiencies.

In the not-so-distant past, bookkeeping was a labor-intensive process, with the majority of time spent on data entry. Today, new technologies in accounting have evolved the traditional role of the bookkeeper, giving them the opportunity to become an invaluable source of insights, analytics, and best practices throughout the company.

Here are four key ways in which bookkeepers can work to embrace current advancements in technology to evolve their role.

1. Keep Your Head in the Clouds

While some accounting professionals are still trying to resist change, cloud computing is already widely utilized in the industry. For those who haven’t fully embraced the cloud, now is the time. Whether it’s downloading a bank statement from the bank’s website or a web-based email server, cloud computing helps to reduce bookkeeping turnaround time and increase efficiencies throughout the industry.

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About Kathy Gans

Kathy Gans

Kathy Gans is senior vice president at Accounting Principals, a recruitment service for accounting, finance and banking professionals.


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Jul 11th 2016 20:40

I just wanted to know, how bookkeepers can interpret data or analyse? as in what does an accountant do then?

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Jul 11th 2016 20:41

How can a bookkeeper be beneficial with the use of cloud accounting?

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Jul 11th 2016 20:42

How can a bookkeeper be beneficial with the use of cloud accounting?

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