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What to Expect at a 2021 Accounting Job Interview


You've likely heard about the "Great Resignation": This year, more American workers are quitting their jobs in favor of either a new one or a complete career change. Whether you're mid-accounting career and looking for new opportunities or fresh out of college, it will help to know what to expect at a job interview. Sandra Wiley, President of Boomer Consulting, offers some tips to aid your preparation.

Jun 25th 2021
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Traditionally, Autumn is the time of year when accounting firms focus on recruitment, filling internships and for the next year and full-time positions for the coming busy season. But so far, 2021 has been anything but traditional. With the economy improving and many firms focusing on advisory and consulting, many firms need talent. Additionally, many CPAs and new graduates are looking to make their next career move.

The skills accounting firms are looking for have changed as well. While technical accounting skills remain important, firms have started hiring different skill sets, focusing on people with knowledge and experience in tech, marketing, data analytics, process improvement, project management, entrepreneurship and more.

The way a firm conducts an interview and the questions interviewers ask will vary from firm to firm. But here’s what you can expect at an accounting job interview in 2021.

Virtual Component

Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to do one or more interviews virtually. In the past year and a half, firms have realized that meeting virtually with clients and colleagues saves time and money and want to ensure that anyone they hire can handle a remote or hybrid workplace.

Demonstrate you can handle the technology, communicate well and feel comfortable on camera, and you’ll be able to pass this part of the interview process with flying colors.

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