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What is the Best Way for Rebuilding Your Workforce Post-COVID-19?


The most significant factor in your business's rebuilding process is to enable restoring the spirit of your workforce. Your work team will play a considerable role in helping your firm stand back on its feet. This is why we need to restart with a renewed hope and a reformed work approach.

Jul 29th 2020
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As the lockdown norms are easing in our countries, business concerns have to get prepared for a new set of challenges and working styles. For many firms, it is about starting with a clean slate approach.

Today, let us venture into comprehending the remarkable ways of designing and implementing a recovery strategy for your firm. The first emphasis is on your workforce, as such, we shall be discussing a three-pronged rebuilding methodology.

We are introducing a rebuilding strategy for accounting firms with these three R’s:

  1. Reflect
  2. Rethink
  3. Re-Engage

This rebuilding strategy will take time, but you will see progressive results. As owners of accounting and CPA firms, it is quite imperative to maintain our patience and persistence during the whole process.

It would be best to renovate this broad strategy as per the needs of the firms and the changes in your business environment.


To reflect on what kind of impact your business underwent during the lockdown phase will give you deep insight into your firm's standing. It is entirely understandable that you did not have the time to go for a series of tacking measures with this unforeseen pandemic . But as a business entity, you need to learn the lessons of preparedness and flexibility as there is a scope for improvement for most in this arena.

Most of us switched to work from home systems to continue working. This can be a realization for many business entities to embrace new changes for the good of their future.

Throughout the work from home scheme, many firms faced challenges of reduced efficiency, lower work quality and improper work supervision. The future may demand you to continue with this approach. As such, you need to gain learnings from the mistakes that occurred with your own remote work force.

Firms must adequately train and motivate their workers to keep up their work tempo and routine, even when they are in the comforts of their homes. Take a note of the past problems and plan out how you could prevent them from recurring.


New working scenarios ask for new ways to function. The following step is to rethink your full functioning style. It is time to improve upon all the setbacks and errors your team committed in the past. 

Accounting firms should redevelop a work plan for the existing workforce. If you had to retrench some of your workers, you need to ponder how you can hire new workers. Your ability to remunerate them sufficiently is also a significant factor.

Reconnect with clients to understand their changing needs in the changed situation. If you lost your clientele, you need to make a plan with your staff to rebuild your base. Rethinking will help enable you to come out of the mess as a winner. Set short-term targets for your team in line with the long-term vision.

Firms should also inspect the means they possess to provide their workforce with the requisites to function smoothly. Even contemplate the sufficiency of your financial resources and the availability of additional sources of business if needed. All in all, you need to agree upon a robust future action plan to assure your workforce that it is building towards better times.


Once you have had the chance to rethink and re-evaluate the past and present scenarios, it is time to re-engage your workers and let them understand the value of their position in the success of your firm.

Set benchmarks of performance and ensure every employee meets those benchmarks. Better productivity and turnaround will be critical to satisfy your current clients and get hold of new ones. Prioritize the projects on hand and schedule the work accordingly. The right re-engagement strategy is indeed necessary for your accounting firm to thrive.

With this three-pronged strategy for rebuilding your workforce and your firm as a whole, you can inevitably rise above the issues on the path of growth. Remember not to lose hope and remain determined to surmount the hurdles together as a team.

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