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What I Learned Last Year: My Time for Tax Consultation isn’t Free

Jan 11th 2018
being paid
zest_marina_istock_being paid

I am quasi-famous in this industry, due to all of the writing, and speaking engagements that I do, and as a consequence, I get a ton of calls and emails from other professionals regarding those articles and seminars.

I always call the person back or reply to the emails, but one thing I won’t do is give someone an answer to something or tell them how to do something that took me several hours to figure out for myself. My response is always that I’m not trying to be rude, but you are a competitor and do your research, just like I did.

One lady called about an article I wrote. I called her back, and she was unavailable. I told the person who answered the phone that she could email me, which was met by, “Oh, no. [So-and-so] doesn’t do email.” I’m doing you a favor, and I’m not going to make it easier on you than it is for me. I feel it is completely rude of someone to set the terms at which I help them with something.

The notoriety also produces potential clients who make an appointment about an article I wrote. I will give you a free one-hour consultation, but for some reason some people will think that extends to follow-up emails.

After the initial consultation and receiving an email about some kind of tax planning, it is returned with an engagement letter and credit card authorization. I am either engaged, or the person goes away. I can’t spend a bunch of hours doing things for free.

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By mobileaccountantaz
Jan 22nd 2018 17:07

That's a main reason I had to get off of LinkedIn - constant emails and messages from people new to the career or new to being on their own asking for detailed and multiple explanations on how to read certain reports, where to book things etc. Then more times than not they'd reply that it didn't work for them and would I take a look at their files to see what the differences are. (in other words do 4 hours of work and give them the answer) Do what I did - go to school and get your education and spend 30 years amassing this knowledge or there's a great new thing called GOOGLE that even I use often.

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By skinnyvinny
Jan 23rd 2018 03:38

Nice article, but one point I disagree with:

"I told my kids to find what they love to do, and the money will follow."

The money will ONLY follow if what you love to do is something other people actually value. Otherwise, you are just dabbling in a hobby. Passion is nice, but it doesn't always lead to a steady income.

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By Christe Jennings
Jan 23rd 2018 17:47

You are exactly right! Couldn't agree more! I appreciate your insights!

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