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Take These Steps to Reactivate Past 1040 Clients

Oct 4th 2017
Author The Million Dollar CPA Firm
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This article is about to reveal a secret that many know but do not put in action. A secret that will increase your client pool and bring in more profits. A secret so mysterious, but so efficient, it will quickly get you clients without running a new advertisement, asking for referrals or even networking!

Can you guess what it is?

Drum roll please… Reactivate your past clients.

Who knows how good you are at what you do than the people who have already worked with you? These clients don’t require a huge marketing campaign, they just need a little extra push.  

Some clients may have used your firm for one tax season and didn’t return the following year, which could happen for many reasons:

  1. Moved out of the area.
  2. Decided to prepare and file their own taxes.
  3. Switched accountants.
  4. Or any of the thousands of other reasons!

No matter the reason for leaving, give them a reason to return.

There is always an opportunity to reconnect with old clients and offer an incentive for them to work with you.

You can take these sure-fire tips to get a lost client back on your roster.

To Begin, Take Advantage of Tax Season

These coming months are your opportunity to be the supply to their demand because most are looking for a tax preparer. Their situation may have changed since the last time you worked together and tax season is the perfect opportunity to get back on their radar and give them an irresistible offer.

Reach Out and Be Personal

It depends how big your contact list is, but a cold form-letter is not the best option because you want to keep it personal.

Reach out to these past clients, either with a phone call or a personalized email, and reference the past. If you remember that they have children, ask them about how their kids are. If they were just starting a new business, ask them about how the year has been and what has been the most challenging part.

They will be impressed and intrigued by the fact that you remember something about them from years ago. This will also establish rapport and begin building a great relationship.

Don’t Make Them Feel Guilty

It is more than okay to nudge your clients, but making them feel guilty for not using your services is a big no-no. Have someone else read your communication to make sure that you don’t inadvertently put your client on the defensive.

Keep it a positive and light, such as in how it will be working with you!

Offer Them an Excuse to Contact You

The key to reactivating past clients is giving them a reason to follow up the phone call or email with a trip to the office. Get them to make an appointment by supplying an offer.

As previously stated, tax season is a perfect opportunity to offer something that is easily redeemable and has an obvious value — an offer that would be crazy to refuse.

Tell Them You Miss Them

How lovely does it feel to know that you are missed? So tell your clients just that — you miss them. Whether by direct mail or email, this is an effective way to reach out in a personal way.

Here’s a template if you need a head start:

Dear [Insert Name Here],

In the past, we enjoyed helping you with your taxes, but it seems we have fallen out of touch, and, well, WE MISS YOU!

Your tax status changed, you wanted to do them yourself, or maybe there’s another reason.

Regardless, we understand that life happens. We just want you to know we’re thinking about you.

If you return to us — this Tax season we’ll give you a special [$XX] off ANY Tax Service Discount. (An offer this large has never been offered, and maybe never be again, so please contact us ASAP)

We do not want to see another year go by without offering you our hands-on, accurate, and professional services.

We understand that changes will happen in your life, but when it comes to taxes, leave it to us at [Insert Practice Name], to make sure Uncle Sam is giving back all the money you deserve.

Call us at [XXX-XXX-XXXX] to schedule an in-person appointment, or if you have any questions or concerns.

I am looking forward to helping you deal with the IRS again this tax season.


[Insert Your Name Here]

Quick Tip: If you are sending a letter like this by direct mail, include a “tax pouch” (9" x 12" manila envelope with a 2" x 3" label on the bottom left that says, “Tax Pouch” with your contact information). This envelope is a great way to help them with the tax preparation process.

If it is sent by email, add somewhere that if they are interested in working with you, just give a call and you’ll send an envelope right over for all their tax documents.

It is time to remind the lost clients where to feel found and treated like a priority.

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