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Help clients with HR issues
Help clients with HR issues

Steer Your Clients Away From HR Dangers

Nov 27th 2015
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Personnel and HR issues are one of those uncharted territories that business owners push to the back of their minds marked, “here be demons”.

But the impact of not paying attention to HR requirements can hurt.  In 2013 the IRS levied 6.8 million penalties totalling $4.5 billion relating to Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance.

Many small businesses don't have a human resources department - and often there's nobody besides the owner to take specific responsibility for these issues. This leaves them open to a wide range of compliance risks that accountants can help minimize, according to a new guide published by AccountingWEB and HR service provider Paychex.

Mike Ganino CPA, CFE and the principal at Dworken, Hillman, LaMorte & Sterczala in Shelton, Conn identified this problem among his firm's clients and shares his insights in the guide.

“One of the issues we see with our clients is just not dealing with the financial aspects of hiring people,” says Ganino.

“Our job is to identify these issues based on our expertise before it becomes a problem. Once the decision has been made to hire people, then we can be proactive in answering the questions about classify­ing employees, and the impact on health care costs, or in issuing such documents as 1099s and W-2s.”

Accountants who know their clients' business intimately can add tremendous value in the area of personnel and staffing. These are complex issues, but the practitioner doesn't need to know all the answers, according to the guide. It can be enough to ask questions and initiate conversations and then introduce the client to suitable providers. Clients will appreciate the help.

Intended as a starting point for these HR-related conversations, the guide covers:

  • HR administration weakspots
  • Hiring issues and growing pains
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee classification issues
  • Benefits and the struggle for talent

For more detail on these issues, download the full guide 5 ways to help your clients with common human resources problems.


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