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Should Firms Use Educational Materials for Drip Marketing?

Nov 30th 2017
President Perceptive Business Solutions Inc.
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If you are growing your practice by adding additional advisory services like wealth management or estate planning, you may find clients often make contradictory statements.

They might say:  “You never call.”  When you call to tell them about your new services, they say: “You only call when you want to sell me something.”  You did not get into the accounting profession to “sell something.”  You are offended.

Drip marketing with educational content provides a position on the middle ground.  Here are the advantages:

  • They Learn Something New – Tax law is complicated.  You can target market, sending specific educational material addressing their specific situation.  They make the connection:  “When I hear from her, I’m always learning something new.”
  • Raise Awareness of What You Do – Recall the earlier statement “People may want to do business with you for a long time…”  Now you are gradually educating them on different ways you can help people.  If an article highlights a problem, it’s assumed you can help them find a solution.

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