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Ongoing Remote Work Needs Restructured Benefits


Working from home has some significant advantages and became a necessity for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if you're considering allowing employees to work remotely indefinitely, be aware their benefits plan may need to be restructured to reflect the rules different states have. Dough Ramsthel, a Certified Financial Planner and employee benefits consultant, explains.

May 3rd 2021
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After transitioning most of their workforces to operate remotely for the past year, accounting firms now face the decision of if and when to have employees return to offices. Before jumping full bore into an ongoing remote workforce situation, there are critical factors to be considered when it comes to employee benefits.

Working from home has its perks, like the ability to focus and remove workplace distractions, such as office drop-ins, impromptu meetings and office noises. Turning a portion of the home into a workplace has introduced new distractions, though, such as household chores, raiding the fridge every 15 minutes, neighborhood noises and, of course, video call fatigue. 

For many people, a perk of all meetings taking place remotely has been the ability to not just work from home, but also relatives’ homes, favorite vacation spots or even another country, so long as there was a dependable internet connection.  Some workers have gone so far as to make those favorite vacation spots their new home. Employers, eager to ensure continued productivity and retain valuable employees, have rushed to support working away from the office, making it easier than ever before to be productive from anywhere. 

The elephant in the room now that employers are considering when, how and if to bring employees back to the office is as follows: How do employee benefits (a key component to attracting and retaining staff members) function in this new work-from-anywhere world? 

Any company that plans to allow workers to truly work from anywhere moving forward should focus on ensuring their benefits programs addresses the following.

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