Solo Marketing

Marketing Yourself as a Sole Practitioner


Increasing one’s revenue is very subjective in nature. There is also much tailoring of your details to your goals, which can be an admixture of marketing and personal preferences, such as liking one type of work. For sole practitioners, there is often myriad considerations in this regard.

Apr 6th 2022
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This article will emphasize the more familiar circumstance, the sole practitioner trying to grow the practice with perhaps an administrator/bookkeeper, one office and limited professional help.

 The marketing instruction books may say set goals up front, but the author’s experience is that working through the marketing details yields insights throughout the process. Working through the process of marketing yourself will help you set your goals.

Decide whether your practice goals include a broad range of clients. Accelerating your client count in a particular group may be easier given experience and reputation in a given field, but adverse conditions arising in a client group or specialty can be particularly problematic to the sole practitioner. 


Marketing as a Habit

Developing a bit more of a “system” can help.  Here are general questions that may help fine-tune your marketing plan:

  • What type of client would likely yield the best results in terms of realization rates?
  • What are your strengths?  As you think through or discuss with family/friends/mentors a particular type of work or client, when does your enthusiasm tend to pick up?

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