Low-Maintenance Marketing

Apr 1st 2013
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By Jack LaRue

It's tax season. Finding time to eat and sleep is enough of a challenge, let alone finding time to market your firm. It just isn't possible this time of year. Or is it? 

You may not have time to do any active marketing, but right now is a great time to be doing passive marketing. As the name suggests, passive marketing doesn't require any action from you once it's in place. 

Simply making sure that your lobby has firm brochures available is a form of passive marketing. You could also put a caddy on a table or counter that's stocked with marketing literature promoting your firm or a specific service. You've got clients coming in and out of your office constantly right now, so these things can really pay off. 

You might also put a sign in your lobby suggesting that clients ask about your flexible payroll service, about your financial planning services, or any other service in which you'd like to generate interest. Interested clients will ask. Others won't. There is no pressure and no action required on your part.

Your website is one of the most important passive marketing tools you have. Just make sure that it's up to date before tax season starts. 

An advertising campaign can be another form of passive marketing. If you finalize the ads and set up a schedule before tax season starts, your campaign can be up and running during tax season with no further action required from you. 

These passive marketing techniques probably won't be as effective as proactive marketing. But when you're too busy to be doing any proactive marketing, they can be low-maintenance ways for you to keep your marketing efforts going. Just take a few moments to make sure that you take advantage of some passive marketing opportunities. It's a simple way to keep your name and your brand fresh in your clients' minds, even during the height of tax season.

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About the author:

Jack LaRue is the senior vice president of myPay Solutions at Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting.


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