Improvise When You are Confronted by Obstacles

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The tax busy season is upon us, and you’re scrambling to help your clients prepare their returns as the April 17 filing deadline approaches. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were no impediments to your progress?
Dream on. Something will emerge that, at least temporarily, hinders your efforts. So, how will you carry on, hopefully, without breaking your stride? Let me tell you a story that helps illustrate the value of being able to improvise.

One afternoon after school, I accompanied my father to the indoor community swimming pool on Bloomfield Avenue, just over the line in West Hartford, Connecticut. Several days a week, he was head lifeguard from late afternoon to evening. I have to tell you it was cool as a youth, to have the run of the pool as I often did.

When the Lights Go Out 

I was in the lifeguard office playing around with the lights while my father was watching the pool several dozen yards around the corner. One of my juvenile games was to flip the lights on and off so quickly that no one in the pool could tell that anyone had tampered with the lights. My father was sharp, however, and after a few times, he yelled out from afar, "Jeff, stop playing with the lights," and I immediately stopped.

No more than three minutes later, the lights went off in the entire pool area and only a small light from an independent power generator was lit. My father yelled out again, "I told you to stop playing with the lights." I came out of the office door and looked down the length of the pool. I said, "It wasn't me."

Way Beyond the Pool 

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Jeff Davidson

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