Improve Business Skills by Being an Active Listener

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Thursday’s workshop at AccountingWEB featured Michelle Golden of Golden Marketing Resources who shared ideas about active listening. "Active listening and reflective listening are the most effective techniques to use. Active listening is when you have a genuine interest in what the speaker has to say. Reflective listening takes active listening a step further. It mirrors what the speaker is saying, allowing him or her to gain a fresh perspective on what s/he has just communicated."

Active listening involves five factors:

  • Listen to the content
  • Listen to the intent
  • Assess nonverbal communication
  • Monitor your own nonverbal communication
  • Listen empathetically

Reflective listening involves the following techniques:

  • Respond to the behavior or idea, not the speaker
  • Respond in the present, not the past
  • Respond by describing, not evaluating

Ms. Golden elaborated on all of these ideas in her workshop and discussed the results that can be achieved both in business relationships and personal relations by being an attentive, active listener. Read the full transcript of her workshop.

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