How Your Firm Can Hold Educational Seminars

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You know you need to add new clients, yet you don’t want to spend time prospecting and you think the jury is still out on advertising. Consider an educational seminar series instead.

Many practitioners dislike seminars as a client acquisition tool. It takes enormous effort to assemble an audience from the general public and there’s no guarantee qualified prospects will be filling those seats. Besides, they cost money.

Approach it from a different direction. Put on a series of educational seminars for your clients and let them know this is a benefit of being a client. The appeal to clients is they might learn how the tax law changes apply to them.

Clients may have to pay to get this information or do research on their own, but the benefit to you is telling this story with many clients instead of multiple individual phone calls. Encourage them to bring a friend or colleague along and then it becomes a client/prospect event. That’s the prospecting component.

8 Steps to Organizing Your Educational Seminar Series

Here’s an example of how you could put together your series:

Step One: Segment your client base. Some are higher earners with multiple sources of income. Others are small business owners. You have retirees with extensive investment portfolios. You have people owning renal property and others with homes in different states.

Step Two: Develop a talk targeted to each group. Although people want the full story, they don’t want to sit for two hours. Aim at 45 minutes max. Assemble PowerPoint slides. Structure your presentation in simple English, avoiding jargon. Verify your facts, especially if you intend sending them home with a handout or homework. Give each topic an attention getting title.

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About Bryce Sanders

Bryce Sanders

Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. in New Hope, Pennsylvania. He provides high-net-worth client acquisition training for the financial services industry. His book, Captivating the Wealthy Investor, can be found on


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By KimF
Aug 10th 2018 15:19

Bryce great article and on point. For 20 years in the QBExpress Network we have test marketed everything under the sun. Hands down, the best client acquisition tool we have ever found is local training classes. Because of the huge QuickBooks market share, we recommend conducting QuickBooks Training as it is much easier to fill the classes. Great funnel feeder!

Thanks (3)
to KimF
Aug 14th 2018 14:44

Kim, glad you liked the article. People usually turn out to learn something (they know) they need to know, yet would cost them money to learn otherwise!

Thanks (1)