How to Follow Up with Networking Event Prospects

exchanging business cards at networking event

Do you have a drawer full of business cards you’ve collected through the years? Most people are lazy when it comes to following up, so if you just make a small effort, you’ll stand out as different.

More importantly, if you don’t follow up, you could be leaving money on the table. You never know who might need your services in six weeks, six months, or maybe a few years down the road. Prospects become clients when they’re ready, not necessarily when you’re ready.

Why Follow Up is Important

Research shows that it may take as many as eight touches before a prospect decides to do business with you. That means the goal with any networking event is not to get an immediate sale, but to begin a relationship.

Though you may think that accounting is about numbers, it’s really about relationships. By establishing a relationship with your prospects, when they have a problem that your services can solve, you ensure that they think of you first.

If your prospect already has an accountant, the relationship they have with their current accountant can make it very hard to get them to change to a new one. From their perspective, there are only two reasons to change accountants:

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About Liz Farr

Liz Farr

Liz Farr, CPA, spent 15 years in tax and accounting at small firms in Albuquerque, NM. Besides tax returns of all flavors, she worked on audits of governmental entities and not-for-profits, business valuations, and litigation support. Now she's a full-time freelance writer specializing in content marketing for accountants and bookkeepers around the world. 


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By Rajvir
May 21st 2018 12:20

I am a Chartered Accountant and represent Sterling outsourcing pvt ltd, India which provides outsourced accounting services.We visit US every year for networking which often involves exchanging of cards and talks about accounting. However, it is difficult to convert networking into actual client. Your article is helpful. We will try to follow and see how it goes.

Thanks (1)
Jun 6th 2018 00:22

Thank you for your advices

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