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How to Ensure High-Value Clients Pursue You


When you're trying to attract new clients to your firm, it may feel like your only option is to actively go after them, rather than the other way around. Fortunately, says Loren Fogelman, there are some simple marketing strategies to bring high-value clients to you organically.

Nov 9th 2021
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Is your accounting firm seeking new clients? If so, then you’re probably wondering which marketing strategy to follow. Whether it’s posting on social media or attending network meetings, marketing can feel like a waste of time and dollars. Because of that, we’re going to discuss the little-known strategies that deliver results. 

First of all, engaging new clients is similar to dating. At first, your potential new client started searching for accounting and tax solutions. Then, she researched options and found your firm. Because she liked what she saw, she scheduled a free initial consultation. 

This approach, commonly referred to as pull marketing, organically attracts clients to you. They pursue you, whereas push marketing has you pay to pursue them. Some examples of the latter include mail campaign, pay-per-click ads or cold calling. 

Both serve a purpose, but we'll focus on pull marketing in this article. 

Who’s Chasing Who?

You’re busy and probably don’t savor marketing – in any form. With that in mind, you prefer to do what’s effective instead of what’s popular. 

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