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How to Ensure High-Value Clients Pursue You


When you're trying to attract new clients to your firm, it may feel like your only option is to actively go after them, rather than the other way around. Fortunately, says Loren Fogelman, there are some simple marketing strategies to bring high-value clients to you organically.

Nov 9th 2021
Price and Profit Coach Business Success Solution
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Is your accounting firm seeking new clients? If so, then you’re probably wondering which marketing strategy to follow. Whether it’s posting on social media or attending network meetings, marketing can feel like a waste of time and dollars. Because of that, we’re going to discuss the little-known strategies that deliver results. 

First of all, engaging new clients is similar to dating. At first, your potential new client started searching for accounting and tax solutions. Then, she researched options and found your firm. Because she liked what she saw, she scheduled a free initial consultation. 

This approach, commonly referred to as pull marketing, organically attracts clients to you. They pursue you, whereas push marketing has you pay to pursue them. Some examples of the latter include mail campaign, pay-per-click ads or cold calling. 

Both serve a purpose, but we'll focus on pull marketing in this article. 

Who’s Chasing Who?

You’re busy and probably don’t savor marketing – in any form. With that in mind, you prefer to do what’s effective instead of what’s popular. 

First, stop viewing marketing as a client acquisition tool. That’s a transactional method. No one, including your clients, want to be acquired. 

High value clients are smart. Remember, she’s done some research before contacting you. So, position your accounting firm as a resource of information.  Consider ways you can educate your clients. 

Five Ways to Educate and Attract High-Value Clients

1. Write information-rich articles – either on your blog or on a web platform like Accounting Web.

2. Produce video content that offers tips and action steps. You don't need to have a video production background to do this well, either. Nowadays, all you need to make a high-quality video is a smartphone.

3. Schedule speaking engagements - whether virtually or in-person.

4. Create a downloadable resource that offers steps or a handy checklist. 

5. Make sure you're posting to social media so you no longer remain a well-kept secret. 

An Effective Marketing Formula

You’re probably aware of the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule. Start to apply this to your marketing strategy. Overall, 20 percent of what you do gets 80 percent of the results. 

You understand how to apply the numbers better than most people. This statistic works in your favor when it’s a long-term strategy, not a quick sprint. 

View it as an investment of time and effort. You’ll gain insights over time. Review the data to consistently fine-tune your approach.

Marketing sometimes feels like you’re throwing spaghetti at the walls to see which strands stick. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then track the numbers. Google Analytics and other metric tools offer rich insights about what’s working and what’s not. 

Ideally, find two to three marketing activities that deliver the best results. Then, cut out the rest. Don’t worry about FOMO (fear of missing out). Rather, focus on results instead of what’s popular. 

Your client attraction strategy gives you permission to cut out those draining marketing activities – you know the ones I’m referring to. That’s because what you do to attract high-value clients differs from attracting a wide variety of clients. Therefore, focus solely on the activities that deliver results. 

Pay Attention to the Numbers

Apply simple math to attract high-value clients. It’s a matter of addition and subtraction. Start a spreadsheet that tracks numbers. 

Activities. How do clients find you? Where are they coming from?

Quality. Which efforts attract high-value clients? What attracts low-value clients?

Consultations. How many different potential clients do you meet with before one turns into a new client?

Patterns. Over time, patterns will emerge. Then, optimize those insights.  

Investment. What’s the acquisition cost? Time? Money?

By paying attention to the metrics, you cut out a whole lot of busy work. 

Nurture the Relationship

By the way, your client attraction strategy doesn’t abruptly stop once someone schedules a consultation. Educating your clients is an ongoing process. That’s because we want new clients to turn into long-term, loyal ones. 

Ongoing education adds value. Among the various strategies, choose the one which best fits your firm. An email nurture or drip campaign is one common approach. Refer back to the section on ways to educate your clients. There are plenty of client attraction tactics you can try out. You’re only limited by your own imagination.

Apply the Golden Rule

As with most great relationships, long-term success starts with a solid foundation. Choose the marketing strategies that you’re willing to do consistently. This builds credibility and trust over time. Some of your high-value clients will immediately resonate with your message and want to get started now. Others will follow you for a while and then reach out down the road.   

Whatever course you take, focus on educating potential clients instead of selling to them. Basically, give before you can expect to get. Even in business, the Golden Rule applies. High-value clients don’t want to be sold to. Consistency, paired with the Golden Rule, are the essence of an effective client attraction strategy. Claim your FREE Resource to effectively attract high-value clients.  

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