Grammar Tip! Accept or Except! Which is Correct?

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To be a more proficient writer and proofreader, you will need to be able to identify words that sound alike or are spelled similarly.

Here are a few commonly misused words and their meanings.

  • Accept: to receive, to take
  • Except: exclude, omit

  • Advice: recommend, opinion
  • Advise: to counsel

  • Affect: to influence
  • Effect: an out come, the result of, or cause to happen

  • Assure: to make confident
  • Ensure: to make sure something happens
  • Insure: to buy insurance

  • Capital: seat of government body or wealth
  • Capitol: government building

  • Consul: foreign embassy official, diplomant
  • Council: assembly, governing body
  • Counsel: to give advice, guidance

  • Continual: action that occurs at frequent intervals
  • Continuous: action that occurs without pause

  • Further: refers to degree or extent
  • Farther: refers to physical distance

  • Than: after a comparison
  • Then: next, in that case

    These are just a few words that you may stumble across in your daily business dealings. Check back for more helpful hints on a regular basis.

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