Five Proven Tips to Boost Employee Morale

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Most accounting practitioners believe that being charismatic extroverts, or throwing money at your employees, are the most effective ways to keep employee morale high. This is just not true.

An outgoing personality and initiating conversation with your employees are important aspects. Paying an employee in exchange for their work is a given.

But what I’m suggesting is paying attention to the “little stuff”, which can have an even greater impact.

All it takes is a little involvement during the work day and recognition beyond money — recognition that is personal and emotional. Your team members just want to know that they are noticed and appreciated.

Give recognition that makes employees want to bring forth the best they have to offer.

Reward Initiatives

Publicly acknowledge your team member’s contributions and ideas. No matter how small, make sure you mention your personal appreciation.

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About Salim Omar

salim omar

Salim Omar is the author of The Million Dollar CPA Firm. He is also a successful business owner of Straight Talk CPAs, an accounting firm, and President of CPA Marketing Genius. He has a passion for helping CPAs engage in personal growth and professional development. While he is not working he enjoys trying an eclectic fare from an Indian restaurant or catching up on some reading on the Florida coast. 


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By mchan1
Oct 24th 2017 18:49

"Paying an employee in exchange for their work IS A GIVEN."
"But what I’m suggesting is paying attention to the “little stuff”, which can have an even greater impact."

How long has the author been outside of the accounting world which it sounds like? The accounting world has changed a LOT in the past 10 years and changes are still made.

The first comment is an insult!
Define (Fair) pay?
Define responsibilities including the 'unspoken' ones NOT included in the job descriptions?

The 'little stuff'... Here's reality...
Companies hire the youngest worker for cheap and let go of the older experienced workers.
Pile up work on the worker's desk and don't do Much work except ask Qs then sign off and don't even care to fix mistakes done in the past by management or old workers that left that are still present.

The 'recognition' aspect is 'Expected' for the millennials. Too bad companies didn't give it to their existing, older workers or past workers, hence one reason for the relatively High Turnover rate at many firms.

"'Honest' dialog..." anything said can and will be used against you.

Lots of people and many companies talk about 'team work' but many do NOT practice what they preach!

Seen 'good' people start out to end up the opposite, many of whom eventually leave the companies.

Pessimistic? NO!
Idealistic? Heck No!
Realistic/Pragmatic? YES!

Thanks (1)