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Last night I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a guy named Heath Row. Who's Heath Row? For those of you who aren't avid readers of one of the hottest business magazines in the country – Fast Company – Heath is an underground celebrity.

The Company of Friends (CoF) is Heath's brainchild. Now he's out hitting the pavement, staying at readers' homes, and spreading his message to the magazine's foremost groupies in his CoF Road Show. The concept is to take the magazine's community (the companies and people featured in the magazine) to the actual community reading the magazine. His vision is to unite the two communities. He describes it as a “change-oriented hybrid online/in-person community development.”

Heath worked as a writer before the magazine hired him to be an assistant editor that doesn't edit. He burned the midnight oil and behind the scenes as he developed what is now more than 20,000 "friends." He emailed new subscribers to let them know of other “friends” in their neighborhood that were Fast Company readers. Now, these kindred spirits are developing groups and meeting to discuss the hottest business issues. He's definitely making a difference.

Heath is passionate about the CoF. He wants to make a difference. He challenged us last night to ask ourselves why we do what we do. I'll pass that challenge on to you – Why do you do what you do? Are you enjoying yourself? Are you having fun? Does the work count? Will you be the next person that will work on the sidelines – without compensation – to unveil the next big thing that will affect thousands of people? You could.

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