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Facebook Do's and Don'ts: How Accounting Firms Can Make Use of This Powerful Tool


Whether a firm is small and rapidly growing or larger and trying to sustain its size, Facebook can be one of the most impactful tools to use when it comes to client outreach.

Feb 13th 2020
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It seems that every accounting firm has a Facebook page or is considering creating one. Whether a firm is small and rapidly growing or larger and trying to sustain its size, Facebook can be one of the most impactful tools to use when it comes to client outreach. In fact, per the Content Marketing Institute, there are nearly 2.5 billion monthly Facebook users, roughly ten times as many as LinkedIn. However, just having a Facebook page isn’t enough. Individuals who run the page need to be creative and utilize it as effectively as possible to truly see an impact.

For accounting firms, who want to get the most out of Facebook, there are several do’s and don’ts that can help improve client interaction and outreach.

  • Be Strategic: Before making a post, a firm should consider when clients are most likely to view it. It is far less effective to create a post late at night on a weekend than during the middle of a weekday, when usage is considerably higher. Also, when deciding when to post, it is helpful to do it at different times of the day. Each post has a short shelf life, averaging about five hours or so. By making posts at different times of the day, you are making sure that your audience has a decent chance at seeing your content.
  • Diversify Content: Firms that have Facebook pages are also likely to have LinkedIn and Twitter accounts as well. If a firm is posting the same content on all three platforms, then it likely will not have the same impact. Try to make sure your Facebook posts are different than what you put on your other social media pages.
  • Create a Rapport: Striving to build a connection with your audience can go a long way. To create more engagement and ultimately make a post more effective, tag different partners or employees at the firm. This helps connect your audience with the actual individuals at the firm, providing a stronger connection. Facebook provides a unique tool that can give insight on everything from your firm’s recruiting process to a window inside its’ culture. Having something in place such as a weekly employee spotlight post can really help build a connection with an audience. On a similar note, a Facebook page creates an opportunity for firms to build their contacts. A firm can create a signup page that attaches to its Facebook page, giving people the opportunity to sign up for future announcements. There are also apps that can do this. You can get people to sign up for anything, whether it is a guide, eBook, newsletter—the list goes on. This creates a network for a firm to reach out to down the line and increases its connections.
  • Make the Right Posts: The actual content of a Facebook post also has a sizable impact on how much people engage with a post in the short term and who will keep coming back to the page to view new material. For instance, a firm can utilize Facebook to build awareness. It isn’t particularly helpful to just come out of the gate and try to sell something. Instead, Facebook posts can be used to educate others and help them solve problems. There is also a great opportunity on the platform to create video content. This could be anything from videos that explain how to handle a certain tax issue, or a how-to video related to a frequently asked question. There are a whole host of videos that a firm can create which can potentially lead to higher engagement.

What to Avoid

When it comes to misusing the platform, one of the biggest setbacks a firm can have related to Facebook is simply not committing enough time to it. Posts should be thoughtful and consistent to build an engaged audience. For instance, you don’t want to post three times on Monday, three times on Tuesday, and then wait a week until you post again. Be consistent and develop a posting pattern so your audience knows what to expect.

Firms should also be wary of buying into those ads that say they can boost the number of comments or likes on posts. Overall, this is not engaging in a solid strategy. Another tactic that people like to do to increase engagement is to be controversial. However, it is a safer strategy to avoid this practice.

Ultimately, Facebook can have a significant impact on accounting firms that want to increase client outreach and engagement. As the world’s leading form of social media, Facebook can present a unique opportunity to reach a large and global audience. By paying attention to these do’s and don’ts, firms can get the most out of this platform.

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