Do Your Employees Understand Their Value?

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When everyone in a company is running around trying their best to accomplish what's expected of their individual job at that moment it's easy for management to forget how important it is for staff to feel valued in what they do. If you didn't understand exactly why it's important for you to do what you do, would you care?

Employees often shy away from responsibility, be it adding on additional facets to their job or fessing up to mistakes if they feel that what they do doesn't really matter anyway. How to you help them understand this? Here are a few things to take into consideration:

Take the time to explain to individuals exactly how their responsibilities directly contribute to accomplishing the whole project. While it may not be important for them to know every detail of the inner workings of the company financially, how do you think Marketing can work efficiently or even take ownership of projects if they never get to see how their efforts contributed to the bottom line? Don't you think your IT department will really strive to fix technical problems quicker if they understand how much is lost in billable time due to problems in the system.

Don't just focus on the here and now, either. Make sure the members of your staff on all levels understand what they can expect to be in the future with the firm. Explain the strategy of your company and how they fit into it. Often, it's easier to put energy into a project that will not only have immediate results, but is contributing to their future growth as well as that of the company.

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