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Jari King, a staffing and recruitment professional with more than 30 years experience, provides 10 ways to cut your recruiting costs.

1. Think before you act
Simply put, have a plan. List and prioritize the recruiting steps you want to take. Lay out the strategies you want to use and the tactics you will engage to accomplish those strategies. Set dates and the goals you plan to accomplish to successfully complete the recruitment phase for each hire for which you have responsibility.

2. Create a Job Description that sells
Stop using those old dry-as-dust job descriptions and start viewing the job you are going to fill through the eyes of a potential candidate. Think about the information a talented person would want and need to make a decision in favor of applying for the position you have available. It doesn’t matter how high the rate of unemployment is, top talent always is in demand and you need those really good people to respond to your job opening.

3. Remember: Referrals don't always work
Referral programs are wonderful, but they don’t always work, particularly when you have a job that requires hard-to-find skills. Before you initiate a standard referral request for a difficult-to-fill job, consider the time you might have to commit to reviewing the resumes and speaking with referred candidates who very probably will not be qualified for the position.

4. Get a buzz going
If you haven’t done so already, you need to automate your use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. As soon as your job has been prepared for whatever recruiting strategies you have chosen to employ, the job should automatically be fed to the social media sites you are using to attract the interest of potential candidates. In addition, the position should be automatically fed to job aggregators, such as and Simply Hired, to attract the attention of qualified applicants.

5. Use your PTC
What’s that you say? You’d use it if you knew what the letters P-T-C represented? A PTC is a Private Talent Community, and represents applicants who previously applied for positions with your company or who have expressed a desire to work for your organization by signing up to be notified when a job becomes available in which they may have an interest. If your PTC is automated, you can easily e-mail PTC members who fit your job specs or may know someone who does.

6. Find referral sources that work
For those very tough-to-fill openings, contact vendors that sell to companies similar to yours – where the quality of person you need might be working – and ask for a referral.

7. Give candidates reasons to want you
When you prepare a job description, why not create a dynamite posting page that sells your opportunity and use it with every recruitment strategy you initiate. A posting page is a unique Web page that displays the position in an attractive and compelling format that provides top candidates with the information they want to have and need to know to make an informed decision. If that posting page offers applicants the ability to apply online, the process becomes even more appealing.

8. Stop reading resumes
Get the answers you need to have about a candidate’s education, background, skills, knowledge, and personality traits before you take the time to review any candidate’s resume. When you automate your candidate screening, you will save a lot of time and substantially reduce your recruiting costs.

9. Stop phone screening
When you screen online, you can let your screening software ask pre-interview questions, even those that require text answers. Doing so gives you a unique look at how well a candidate reads your instructions and how well that person communicates his/her thoughts in writing.

10. Keep applicants informed
When recruiting is automated, it’s easy to keep in touch by individual or by job folder containing all or a group of applicants for a specific job. You will no longer lose good people because their applications got lost or fell through the cracks. Every piece of information on every candidate is kept by job in an organized, easy-to-retrieve system. The people you have interest in can be e-mailed and kept abreast of your hiring process.


About the author:

Jari King, CPC, is a co-founder of Talmax, a start-up software company that provides small and medium-sized employers with a SaaS solution providing career sites, candidate sourcing, and screening tools that customers can plug into their existing Web site. She has spoken to audiences on a variety of topics dealing with the subject of recruiting and has authored numerous articles, white papers, as well as an e-book on the subject. King also is the cofounder of several staffing organizations including a firm selected as a member of the "Inc. 500". She can be reached at [email protected], or view her blog at

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