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Creating a memorable 'About Us' page for your site

Feb 16th 2011
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By Chad Brubaker, CEO, Emochila,

It is tax season again, which means that people are shopping for accountants. When potential clients are researching and evaluating your firm, the first step will be to do a quick Google search and find your web site.

Beyond the first impression of the Web site design, visitors will go to your About Us page to learn more about your firm and you as a person. Emochila recently did a study that found the About Us page is one of the top three pages visited on Web sites for accountants. Thus, I encourage you to invest some time and create an About Us page that is memorable for your clients and new visitors.

Following are three tips to help your accounting firm's About Us page:

1. Personalize your About Us page

Many Web site developers for the accounting profession provide Web sites that are loaded with prewritten content, ranging from IRS forms to financial calculators. The benefit is that you save hours of time writing content, but still provide valuable information for your clients and Web site visitors. The downside is that this prewritten content does not necessarily reflect your firm. Think of your About Us page as your opportunity to personalize your Web site.

One of our clients, Cheri David, is a shining example of someone who has created a great About Us page on her Web site at Through her About Us page, a visitor immediately makes a personal connection with Cheri. Visitors notice the photo of Cheri smiling and personally welcoming you to her Web site.

Right off the bat, she states her values and what she stands for. She includes photos of her family, as well as a rundown of her activities outside the office. After spending only a few minutes on this page, you get a sense of who Cheri is.

2. Professional accolades

Visitors (and prospective clients) are looking to become more familiar with you and your firm, and you need to provide them with information. Cheri provides her background and affiliations in a very thorough yet unassuming manner. She includes her education, professional affiliations, publications, and community service. 

If you have a particularly interesting background to your firm, do not be afraid to share this story. For example, if your CPA firm is the oldest firm in town, include this information on your Web site. Lastly, do not be afraid to brag a little bit.  For small or new firms, visitors might not know much about your firm and this is your opportunity to shine.

3. Incorporate social media into the page

By including social media links, you provide visitors with more avenues to get to know you. Cheri actively blogs and lets clients connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter on the homepage of her Web site.

In additional to testimonials on your Web site, you can receive recommendations from your professional network on LinkedIn. Client testimonials and recommendations demonstrate the value of your firm and can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. 

About the author:

Chad Brubaker is president and CEO of Emochila:Custom Websites for Accountants. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. Brubaker has worked as a developer for several Web-based companies and as an Internet security consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Clients included Daimler Chrysler, American Airlines, WellPoint Networks, Unocal, and Transora.

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