Cell Phones: Friend or Foe?

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So what's all this about radiation found in cell phones? The following is a list of the ten lowest-radiation cell phones. It was compiled by the people at DoMode.com; a site featuring cell phone radiation levels.

If you don't find your phone on the following list and you still want to find out its radiation level you need to go to the FCC's site. Only information about models made after 1997 is available here.

You will need to have the FCC ID number for your phone (don't confuse this with the model number).

1. Motorola StarTAC 7860
2. Qualcomm pdq-1900
3. Mitsubishi Trium Galaxy G-130
4. Motorola TalkAbout 2297
5. Motorola ST7797
6. Motorola StarTAC 7797i
7. Motorola i1000plus
8. Ericsson KF-688
9. Ericsson DF-688
10. Motorola M3097

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