Are You Writing Well For The Web?

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You've been to sites where the first page is text, text, text, right? Well, don't be one of those sites. Writing for the web is different than writing for print. Think about your own web surfing habits. Do you read each line? Or do you skim and hop to the content for which you are looking?

So what do you need to know? First, keep your writing personalized and interesting. If your reader doesn't see something that grabs them, they will simply click onto something else. Let your firm's style and personality show through your writing. Your web site does not have to be boring and brochure-like. There is a person writing it, after all! Graphics help your web site, but the pros say that content does matter.

Of course, you can't deny the basics: correct spelling and good grammar. Spend the extra dough to have a professional proofreader proof your site. It's worth it. If you have a list of items to write about, consider using bullets. This will give you a chance to boil down the material and helps the reader hit the high points.

Finally, when you are writing for the web, it's hard to figure out who is your lowest common denominator or the person who knows the least about web site navigation. By this time in the Internet world, it's pretty safe to use hyperlinks in your text (those highlighted words that take the reader to another page) and leave out the “click here” lingo to point your readers in the right direction.

Happy writing, all!

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