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8 Steps for Setting Your Firm's Revenue Goals


How does your firm set its revenue goals? Do you have a process that you follow? Or is it less scientific?  Following a step-by-step process, you can set revenue goals that are more attainable and in line with where your firm is today and where you want to be tomorrow. 

Jun 22nd 2022
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If your firm is not thinking through revenue goals for each of your service lines before setting them, it can be challenging to hit them.

More importantly, if you’re looking for a process your accounting firm can use to set smarter, more achievable revenue goals, this eight-step process is a great start.

1. Understand Where You Are

To set revenue goals for each service line, you need to know what you’ve brought in per service line in the last year. What quarter was the busiest per service line? When did you see slowdowns? Start with as much information as you can and gather the financials you have available for the last year to determine what will mathematically make sense as a revenue goal for the following year.


2. Determine Where You Want to Be in 3-5 Years

Looking too far into the future can be a guessing game, but looking three to five years out can help determine what the next year should look like. What are your goals for the next three to five years in terms of revenue, lead generation and overall growth?

You don’t need a detailed plan for three and five years from now, but you should have a defined idea of where you want the firm to be.

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