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7 Ways to Create a Firm Culture Talent Loves


Company culture is extremely important to today's job seekers -- so much so, people are willing to leave their positions if the culture doesn't hit the right notes. Even if you're happy with your team and vice versa, it's important to make sure you are leading your firm effectively and keeping your employees' needs and interests in mind.

Jul 6th 2022
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The Great Resignation is forcing accounting firms to work on retaining talent rather than just hiring new accountants. In the first quarter of the year, 44 percent of workers nationwide were seeking new jobs. Whether you're losing employees, struggling to find the right ones, or simply want to be prepared, it’s in your firm's best interest to retain talent by creating the right culture. Company culture is very important to workers: One survey found that 77 percent of respondents consider company culture before applying for an open position.

But how do you create a culture to retain talent in your accounting firm? Here are seven actionable and effective tips:

1. Create Feedback Channels

First, you’ll want to create feedback channels to know how your employees feel. Many firms do not have a way to provide feedback without walking into the HR office and sitting down with someone else to vent their frustrations.

However, workers often feel uncomfortable going to HR because they don’t want their grievances to impact their careers.

Instead, you should create a way for employees to make suggestions and to do so anonymously. Allowing employees to remain anonymous will help you get a lot of additional feedback. If you have an annual employee survey and think that’s enough, it’s not. Giving employees the option to leave suggestions can help you make changes that will benefit your team.

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