6 Tips for Promoting Your Tax Practice

Sep 15th 2015
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Marketing a tax practice is vastly different than doing so for any other kind of business, with firms typically marketing twice as hard and twice as fast.

Most businesses have continuous marketing campaigns that build momentum and take them through all seasons, while a tax business is primarily concerned with, you guessed it, tax season. The advice here is to defy conventional strategies and use incentives to your benefit that will allow your practice to experience a truly successful tax season.

Below I have compiled a list of six key tips to promoting your tax practice in the most effective way, without necessarily spending on ads or technology.

1. Be Selective in Who You Market To

Tax practices often feel inclined to market to absolutely everyone. While that may seem like a smart idea, as everyone needs their taxes done, you can end up being too broad with your marketing strategy. Pick a specialty, and market specifically to the individuals who will appreciate it. If you can corner a section of the market, you’ll have better success receiving regular customers than those who throw their services aimlessly into the wind.

2. Grab the Edge Over the Competition

You need to be able to offer more than your competitors if you want people to remember you come tax time. Use techniques your competitors don’t offer, such as staying open later than competing businesses in the area to draw in those who work the closing shift. People need to understand why they should come to you instead of getting their taxes done online or at a different practice.

3. Provide Superior Service

Providing a superior service is not only excellent for customer satisfaction, as it will also go toward marketing your practice. Everyone is getting their taxes done, and word-of-mouth can be incredibly powerful during this time. If your service can make your service a memorable experience, your customers will tell their friends. You can be sure that satisfied customers will remember you next year.

4. Incentivize Referrals

When incentivized referrals are stacked with superior service, the results can be astounding. Not only will you have a positive reputation, but also customers will be rewarded for spreading it. This will quickly lead to a chain reaction that will provide you with a steady influx of business.

5. Have a Website

This may seem obvious, but a surprising number of tax practices simply do not have one – or much of one, anyway. Having a current website with accurate and engaging content will allow people to investigate you on their own time. Tax-savvy customers will appreciate a blog that demonstrates your prowess, and less-savvy people will appreciate being able to have things explained to them in layman’s terms. Don’t forget to optimize your website for mobile viewing so those researching you from their smartphones will have access to all the same information.

6. Modify Strategies with Time

Many people, especially those who have a dependent family, are eager to file their taxes. They’ll want to do it as soon as they possibly can to manage funds and budgets. Single people, on the other hand, have a tendency to procrastinate. This means you’ll likely be bombarded with them toward the end of refund season. You need to be prepared to shift your focus to accommodate everyone throughout the entirety of tax season. It’s great to place large emphasis on the beginning, and even more important to place large emphasis on the end, but don’t neglect the middle in the process.

About the author:
Kelly Smith is content manager at Career FAQs, an Australia-based portal for online learning and career resources. She is interested in new technology solutions and self-improvement ideas.

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